NEST is the name of the women’s group led by Rosalie.

“In our church family there are fledglings, chirping, jostling and finding their wings. Some are hunting straw and stealing string to build new nests for what they hope will be. And mother hens are fussing about over their chicks. Others have ‘done it all’ and are coming to terms with their empty nests.

NEST seeks to move away from the stereotypical approach to “ministries’ by opening new horizons for women to share their hears, their joys and sorrows and to reach out to other women who are finding life’s burdens too heavy to hear alone. It has been created to meet every woman’s spiritual, emotional and intellecual needs in a vibrantly fresh way, whatever your stage in life.

NEST will allow you to discover the ‘you’ that has longed to take wings and fly, within a reassuring, warm, protective, engaging, caring, safe place. A place with your picture on the mantlepiece. A place where you will fly higher than you've ever dared before.”

We are daughters, we are sisters, we are mothers, we are grand-mothers, we are nieces, we are aunties. We are all women of God.

Lots of events are planned for the annual calendar in which women will participate in a wide range of creative activities. Special guest speakers will provide insights into topics ranging from women’s health issues, family matters and recreational pursuits all designed to enrich and stimulate. NEST is a forum for women to share their concerns and to learn from others who have succeeded against great odds

Rosalie Needham
The Keeper of the NEST

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