Listen here to the sermons preached in our church service. They are audio files that you can listen to or download. Listed here are the more recent sermons. There are many more on our archives page. A couple of popular preaching series are listed here:

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Endgame Series

Pastor Joseph Maticic - 2009

EndGame 1  - The Players:  Who are the key players in the end game?

Endgame 2 - The Issues: What are the issues in the final crisis?

Endgame 3 - The Counterfeit: Truth and error will be hard to distinguis. You'll be surprised at what means the enemy will use.

Endgame 4 - The Showdown: What is the final battle of Armageddon all about?

Endgame 5 - The Message:  Is there a special message? What do we need to know?

Endgame 6 - The Final Events:  How will this impact us and what should we be doing?

Endgame 7 - The Outcome:  Who is really in control?

S's in Adventism

Pastor Joseph Maticic - 2007




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